We are a China B2B digital marketing agency specializing in WeChat lead generation. Our focus is growing your customers and business in China.

1.27 Billion Active Monthly Users

With the average Chinese spending an hour or more per day on the platform, WeChat is one of the most important tools in any China Digital Marketing Strategy. Vertical provides a full service offering of solutions for Wechat to help you build a following, keep your audience engaged with your brand and deliver relevant content to your followers.


WeChat Account Registration

Vertical takes care of the account registration process, this service saves you time and helps you avoid all headaches with registering with WeChat.

Account Management & PostingĀ 

We help you take your content and adapt it to our designed template and schedule your post so you avoid missing opportunities to reach your followers.

Backend Setup & Design

After registering the account, we assist you in setup the WeChat menu’s, keyword triggers and welcome message for your new followers.

Targeted Engagement Campaigns

Understand who your audience is. This is the most important part, and we segment your followers and using custom campaigns to specifically target your followers.

WeChat Miniprograms & Microsites

Vertical custom builds lightweight WeChat miniprograms (app within an app) to showcase your products or services.

Custom Interactive Pages

We build interactive HTML5 pages for your WeChat account to increase engagement with your followers.

Design & Creative Services

We design your article templates as well as creating custom animation using SVG or comics to tell your brand story.

Content Generation/ Translation

Vertical can assist in you in generating your WeChat content and we have a professional translator to help translate your WeChat articles into Chinese.